How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

When you live in close proximity to other people in an apartment community, you are bound to have a noisy neighbor eventually. Everyone leads different lifestyles and has different schedules. Your next door neighbor may be a night owl while you’re more of an “early to bed, early to rise” type. Soon you find your noise levels clashing. What should you do? It’s hard to know what level of noise makes it through the walls and what is considered an acceptable level, so as neighbors you have to rely on each other to communicate if there is a problem.

noisyAt The Gates of Allen Station, our quiet time begins at 10:00 pm. We always ask that our residents are respectful to their surrounding neighbors by not making excessive noise that may disturb others. “Quiet time” is designated after 10:00 pm because this is when the majority of our community will be sleeping. So remember, after 10:00 pm, keep music and surround sounds at a lower level and your neighbors will be much more friendly.

If you live next to, above or below a noisy neighbor, a great option would be to go over and introduce yourself. Sometimes our first instinct is to retaliate by banging on the walls when their noise is disturbing our peace and quiet but that tactic, in fact, creates more problems. You don’t want to find yourself in a “knocking war” with your neighbor that continues to escalate. Our suggestion would be to wait until there is no excessive noise and then go introduce yourself. We often suggest that residents exchange cell phone numbers so in the event that one neighbor is being too noisy, a simple friendly text message might be all that is needed to resolve the situation. As stated before, 9 times out of 10, people do not realize that the noise is transferring so easily through the walls.

If all attempts have been made at cordiality, we have a courtesy officer that is here for our residents. You can reach him after hours by calling 214-383-5500. Leave a message for the courtesy officer, and he will call you back. Our ultimate goal is to provide a nice environment for all of our residents. We appreciate everyone helping us in achieving that goal.


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